Thursday, December 22, 2005


There is some evidence that children have a lower anaerobic capacity.

In addition, there are 6 stages of development. In a typical Bodypump class you would have children at Stage 5 (Puberty 10 - 14) and Stage 6 (Adolescent 14 - 17) years of age.

In stage 5 boys are less co-ordinated they need some additional instruction in class. There is some evidence that girls at stage 5 give up exercise to an extent between at this stage because of social issues (developmental) issues and misconceptions about exercise and developing muscles which comes from peer pressure via social situations (group dynamics .)

In stage 6 there is a refocus on their fitness goals (sports) are at the forefront in education and they now are in a period of social discourse. (Selman 1980) describes the process of In depth societic symbolic perspective taking. It is at this stage that teenagers seem to be more receptive to social conditioning and also ready for the physical
adaptations to exercise.

In saying this, children need to be taught self-responsiveness in classes "Les Mills Bodypump" there are developmental issues going and teenagers need to be taught how to accept responsibility for their exercise and also how to use self judgment in the selection of weights and choosing exercise options. The development of is called "Formal Operation" you need to give instruction and make sure that their is some social cognition occurring in their Bodypump Class.

The other barrier is Inclusive and Inclusion Instruction and being able to integrate the teenager into the aerobics room and develop social cognition with others in the room.

This then leads to the issue should children lift weights?

Many people ask this question, and yes is the answer.

As long as they are over the age of 13 and supervised. According to resources I have:

Ensure thorough warm-up is performed (yes we have that in Bodypump)
Concentrate on large muscle groups (yes Bodypump does train large muscle groups.)
Primary focus should new on technique and with lighter weights (yes we encourage that with Bodypump.)
Do not work to failure (Bodypump does not work to failure.)
Ensure that children are supervised at all times (yes the classes are supervised by the Bodypump Instructor.)
Make sure that you do not exercise the teenager to fatigue - make sure that they use their is adequate stretches after each section of Bodypump.

There are some basic guidelines that need to be developed.

Ensure that the adolescents attending the class are well instructed prior to them commencing the class. Arrange some time before the class to make sure that they are aware of the class - structure of the class - rules and regulations for them attending the class.

Make the class fun making sure that the teenagers attending the class are made aware of what they should be doing.

Make sure that the teenagers that come to the class do a warmup this is non conditional and should be done.

Make sure that the equipment is safe and that they are made aware of the correct usage and storage procedures of equipment.

They need to be supervised at all times (make sure that they are at least in the front two rows of the class.)

Mix up the music for the classes you have with them to avoid them being distracted week by week with you using the same music all the time.

If you do the above then the class is run effectivley and the class is safe for teenagers and stage 5 puberty children.


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